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by Fisherking

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Krohn at Deep Deep Pink Studios.


released December 27, 2010

Ryan- Bass, Vocals
Ben- Guitar
Alex- Drums

All songs and lyrics written by Fisherking



all rights reserved


Fisherking Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: Leaving Home
Shut the door, change the locks
Leaving home, prologue forgot
Lost my roots, I'm on my own
I can't go back, I won't go

if there's a path, its place eludes me
if there's a goal, its means unknown
what my future holds, will remain unclear to me
out of my hands, out of my control

No place to go, No place to call my own
Set me free, So I can find where I belong

No place to go, so I'll take my time
Severed ties, in between lives
This guilt, it's drowning me
Stay afloat, struggle to breathe

Caught inside this web, of my own design

Blind, can't see what lies ahead, nothing behind

Home, what does it even mean?
Home, why not just leave?
Track Name: Bull Run '61
ill bite my tongue til it goes numb
as i witness old friendships dissolve
into nothing over something
that doesnt matter at all
jealous thoughts feed frigid hearts
watch my would fall apart

caught between new found enemies
fights forged from broken swords

caught between new found enemies
how long before they turn on me
fights forged from broken swords
play spectator for petty wars

ill bite my tongue
watch jealous hearts
feed broken hearts
watch my world fall apart

dont let it fall apart