by Fisherking

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released September 5, 2012

All songs written and performed by Fisherking. Recorded and Mixed by Mat Kerekes (Fountainhead Studios). Mastered by Kevin Kitchel.



all rights reserved


Fisherking Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: Ghost
i am the ghost
the lonely soul
the paranoia keeps me up at night
with shaking hands that i can't control
this isn't who i want to be
i try to let things go
but I reside where my worries haunt me
and swallow all my fucking hope
i will forever be set back
by the all things i can't accept
Track Name: The Difference
you know you really don't have to scream
you know you really don't have to be
the center of attention
the center of everything
i know that you claim good intentions
but i can't seem to find the facts
because the hand that you lend to help me
holds the knife that's at my back

theres a difference between you and me
you're everywhere you don't belong
and that's exactly where you like to be
putting your nose in my life
butting in whenever you feel like
you make my words for me
in hopes that i am seen
Track Name: Spineless
your name chokes me up
your face takes me back in time
you may think youve got me
but i wont let you win this time

take these words lightly
but you wont see me crawling back
dont expect my sympathy
you've had quite enough of that from me

i used to think that i was spineless,
but im doing just fine
Track Name: Somebody Else
fake smiles, fake friends
everyone's playing along in this game of pretend
where you could be yourself, but that's too easy
doing all you can to be like everyone else
mouth is running, always talking
only a matter of time before it catches up
and all of your so called friends
have packed up and gone away

tell me oh tell me has that gotten you far?
we all know who you really are
you can’t hide your trueself
whats the point of being somebody else
Track Name: Rehash
i try not to bring myself down anymore
but i can’t help how sick and tired i’ve grown
of everyone that i know
i just can’t look past
all the things that made me want to look back
to what i had

i know that it’s so wrong
seems i’ve never been quite right
breaking myself down bit by bit
until i can sleep at night
Track Name: A Place Inside My Head
i finally feel alive again
i finally feel that all the pain has left me
in this little place inside my head
everything makes sense to me

i know it won’t last long
before i know it i’m gone
back to where i started from

can’t control a god damn thing in my head
no one should feel this helpless
Track Name: Walls
i have things to say but the world's dismissed me
even the walls won’t listen
but i can't say that i'm not guilty
i was the one pushing them away

pushing them away

so here i'm left and it feels so empty
please tell me that somebody can hear me
is anybody listening
even the walls are too busy talking to the ceiling
Track Name: Giver
so hopelessly
devoted to pleasing
everyone around me
but doubt surrounds me

i've got a lot to give but i lack the means
i've got a heavy heart and i'm trying to keep
my head from drifting back to where it used to be

so please all who are worthy
and fuck the undeserving
Track Name: Defeat Me
broken, faded
hopeless, jaded

these feelings
defeat me
can you feel this
can you feel me sinking

can’t take this
hatred, frustration
regret, temptation

lifeless, misled
defenseless, defeated

the lives we lead will drag us down
and chew us up and spit us out
is it too late to turn around
is it too late to save ourselves

who says that we cant defeat
all the things that defeat us so easily
Track Name: Conflicts Reside
I wrote a note to myself
meant for somebody else
couldn't build up the courage
to say how i felt

i get this way a lot
in fact way too much
i don’t speak my thoughts
instead i bottle them up

i know that i cant hide forever
i just dont know what to say
maybe this will all just go away with time
until then conflicts reside between you and i